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The growing

Anonymous said: how important are grades to you? & why do you have an upside-down "R" in the bottom right corner of a lot of your pictures?

Hmm..the upside down “R”? I honestly don’t know haha. I just went with a really simple and sharp skin about 2-3 years ago, and have just stuck with it and its functions. If I would have to guess I’d say that the R stands for Resources. Also, if you didn’t notice that my posts with a single picture can only reveal the texts I’ve written only if you see it on your personal dashboard, but they are hidden if you look at it profile my profile. Sometimes these interesting functions of my profile skin can really be a pro.

Ooooh, that’s such a tough question for me.

As an incoming third year this Fall Quarter, and student of two community colleges, I think about grades habitually due to the fact that Colleges and Universities heavily depend on them when deciding on admissions. I want to transfer, hopefully Fall 2015, and in order to do so I always have to make sure I receive the minimum grades to complete required transfer courses. Sometimes I calculate possible grade outcomes every quarter to see what I could create my GPA to be by the end of the quarter. Though, I do not consider myself as a firm believer in grades defining every aspect of a student. Unfortunately, being put into a very competitive environment sometimes contradicts with my own philosophies.

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I have only slept for 4 hours maximum in the past 24 hours, and now I’m back at it again.*sigh* Yes, burning that midnight oil once again in able to finish all my assignment.
I knew that taking 28 units this quarter was going to be challenging, but I really didn’t expect myself to be this restless from it. I feel tired, I have urges to just lie down on my queen-sized mattress and cuddle in my pool of pillows, but I can’t. I need to get out of this place and transfer so I can catch up to my colleagues. I can’t give up because my body is saying no, so I take pictures like the one above to cheer myself up to avoid dwelling on the feelings of exhaustion. It may sound narcissistic, but seeing myself happy with a smile is really the only driving force I have behind a long and tiring day. I look forward to looking back at this picture of me a year from now, and hopefully look upon this picture with the same smile as I start my new life at another institution feeling proud of all the effort that I made then to get to where I am now.

A Continuing Nightmare.

It hurts so much.

Knowing that the two people who betrayed me seem closer than ever. It makes me question if I was even something to you. I can’t help but fulfill my curiosity and look through your online diary to see how you’re doing. In my head I knew there was a possibility that I’ll come across something that may hurt me. Do you remember how my whole body trembled when you confessed to me that day? Do you remember my cold body that you tried to warm up with a hug? Do you remember the tears that became embedded into my pillows? I go through the same heartbreak you’ve given me that day every time I let curiosity get over me.

This feeling hurts so much.

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