Finding hope in despair is something everyone should strive to do. Unknown 0 notes
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It’s my first week back in college, and I already want to hide under a rock. 

Was I a little too crazy to take 28 units, and travel to two Community Colleges, work on the side, and also lead an organization? Maybe I went a tad overboard, but hey I need to transfer. Here I am, an incoming third year in college, but I I feel like a senior in High School hoping to get accepted again. Déjà vu? I think so. There’s so much to do, so much pressure to receive the grades I calculated this quarter, and with a large group of people relying on me to lead them. Yes, these things scare me, because I fear failing all my responsibilities. I just wish I was confident enough in myself to move on and actually do something about it. I suppose we’ll see how I do.




Black Tap Coffee // Charleston, SC

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Simple As This by Jake Bugg

"Tried absolution of the mind and soul
It only led me where I should not go
Oh and the answer well how could I miss
Something as simple as this
Something as simple as this”

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 Daniel Zenker

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